Teardrop Campers Will Change Your Life

a teardrop trailer in the Colorado mountains

Compact and lightweight, teardrop campers are essential to streamlined camping around the Centennial State

Teardrop camping trailers are sleek, aerodynamic, durable and lightweight travel trailers that make camping simple and memorable. Ideal for families, these trailers offer tons of space and storage, including bunks, queen sized beds and galley kitchens, and easily hitch to your vehicle while driving to your campsite destination.

Teardrop trailers’ pop-up design are perfect for campers of all ages and experience levels. Why? Check out our break-down of what makes teardrop trailers the ultimate camping accessory, and which ones we recommend:

Easy to Transport and Great for Family

Before your adventure starts, you first have to actually make it to your campsite—and no one wants to wonder: “Is my trailer going to make it?” Teardrop trailers are designed to perform effortlessly on all kinds of terrain. And, let’s face it, if you’ve got a car full of family, your trailer is the absolute last thing you want to stress about. Pack it, hitch it up and off you go! Just one of the many reasons we make family camping a breeze.

Great Storage

One of the biggest rules of camping is the “pack in/pack out” rule. This means that you’ll need room to take everything with you and bring everything back home. And since camping usually requires ample supplies (especially with kids! Cue extra books, games and clothes)—you’ll need the room. Fortunately that’s not a problem in our teardrops!

We’ve planned for maximum storage in our trailers. If you’re camping with a family, the Summit is likely your best bet and it has tons of room to pack the essentials, and even some extra luxuries. The cabin will fit a queen sized bed so when you’re not sleeping, you have lots of room for anything else you need for a day of adventure. Additionally, you’ll find storage on the tongue of the camper.

Sleeping is a Breeze

While it’s true that you don’t go on a camping trip just to sleep, it should still be effortless. After a long day’s adventure, you’ll want to get a comfortable night’s rest. Another great advantage of a teardrop camper is the sleeping space, particularly because you are up off the ground and better able to control temperature. Inside the Summit trailer you’ll find a queen-sized bed and two bunks.

Of course, if you have a tent-camping loyalist in your family, you can always step out of the trailer and sleep under the stars—however, we’ve found that families like being able to be in the same place when camping if with the kiddos.

Built-in Kitchen

Your camping fare doesn’t have to be hot dogs and s’mores. The classics can be included, but with a large galley kitchen you’ll be able to expand your dining options—and this is a major bonus when camping, especially with kids. The galley in the Summit boasts a 15×60 countertop with tons of storage behind and below. With all this extra space you can pack favorite snacks, drinks and options for meals that will suit everyone’s tastes. Plus, after a long, fun-filled day, you deserve a good meal and an easy way to prepare it!

Our Favorite Teardrop Trailers

We aim to make camping in a teardrop camper an easy and fun trek. We know you don’t want to spend your time thinking about all the “what-ifs” and hassles that could be associated with a camping trip, and our teardrop campers give families peace of mind with solutions for storage, sleeping and eating challenges. That’s why we’re recommending some of our favorite teardrop campers for those looking to get an introduction to teardrop trailer camping.

The Canyonland

The Canyonland is the perfect fit for two people. It features a queen sized mattress that converts to a couch, and has a table inside in case the weather turns south. The Canyonland teardrop also has two locking doors leading into the cabin, a countertop in the galley for food prep space, and plenty of storage for your cooler, stove, and more.

The Summit

The Summit is designed for small families. It is two feet longer and taller than the Canyonland model, and features a queen size mattress, plus two 5-foot bunks for small kids. When not in sleep mode, the top bunks fold down and queen bed converts to a couch for seating up to six people comfortably around a center table. Both the Canyonland and Summit models feature stainless steel kitchen galleys, equipped with Yeti coolers and Camp Chef stoves and cookware.

Both of these teardrop trailers also include a full 1.5 inch aluminum cabin frame for rock-solid adventuring that will last through decades of memories. Each trailer comes with three layers of insulation blessed by physicist professor from Colorado University, and a second 2 inch rear hitch for bike racks.

Colorado Pinnacle Edition

While some RVers make a U-turn when the terrain gets rough, the Colorado Pinnacle Edition heads straight-on for that perfect secluded camping spot. The Pinnacle Edition offered on the larger cabin Summit now includes a Lock-n-Roll articulating hitch for stress-free pulling over gnarly terrain, a Nerf Bar for added cabin protection and a 3500-pound Timbren axle-less suspension complete with 5200-pound spindles for precise maneuvering.

And yes—it looks tough, too. The Pinnacle Edition includes gorgeous beetle pine kill wood as a standard feature throughout the interior, and the back fender helps you easily climb to the top of your campsite and check out the fantastic view of Moab, the Continental Divide, and so much more. It is shrouded in 1.5 inches of foam insulation over the front, top and galley door. The exterior is then covered in transparent anodized aluminum (many colors available). With a welded aluminum cabin frame, you’ll have a tough, light and sturdy cabin. The bottom of the trailer is also sealed and protected with a steel powder coated plate making our trailers built to last from top to bottom.

The smaller and agile Canyonland Pinnacle Edition also has the same articulating hitch, Nerf Bar, pine beetle wood, and uses a one 1 Tonne Timbren axle-less suspension with electric brakes (standard on the Summit) for precise maneuvering.

Check out more info on our models here, and contact us today for help getting started on your next adventure!

Michael Gentile