Gamiviti 80 Series Expo Rack

Gamiviti 80 Series Expo Rack


Expo: Smallest Expo option, this gives you the bar across the front, extending backwards about 12", ending before the first tower plate.    This provides the driver and passenger with a small grab handle, also provides support for the front fairing, yet still gives full access to all of the towers. 

What's included in this package: 6 rain gutter towers (45 degree or 30/60, you pick), hardware to attach the towers to the rack, bolt-on wind fairing, powder coating, 4 light tabs (2 in back for reverse, 2 up front for a light bar), and shipping to your nearest freight terminal.   

What can be added: shipping to your door, light bar drop-down, a light bar, reverse lights, snap-on fairing, cross bars, and any of the other grid or tower options.

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