James Baroud Horizon Vision

James Baroud Horizon Vision

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Our James Baroud Horizon Vision Rooftop Tent is available in two sizes! The 1.5 sleeps 2 people, and the 1.8 sleeps 4 people.

The James Baroud brand is well known for being the best in class when it comes to rooftop tents. This Horizon series is one of the lightest rooftop tents in the world, made from all aluminum structure and an insulating interior eliminating the need for a rainfly. The Horizon also includes:

  • Clear waterproof windows on the front, rear, and corner windows

  • Heavy duty travel cover fastened with elastic cords

  • Telescope ladder

  • Designed to fit most vehicle’s roof bars

Still worried about insulation or need more room? Don’t forget to add on an Isothermic Barrier Kit, and/or an Annex Enclosure located in our camping gear!

**PLEASE NOTE** Due to high demand there is a possible 4-week wait for some rooftop tents. Orders will be completed as received. Please call for current availability.

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