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Logo Tee

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Spirit of 1876 celebrates the drive, passion, and rugged individualism of pioneers past and present who have made Colorado what it is. Our plains, forests, mountains, rivers, and deserts are filled with tracks and treads of those unafraid to wander off the beaten path. The spirit of Colorado has united both natives and transplants since the beginning of our statehood in 1876, and it continues to lead us forward and further out. Our spirit is the Spirit of 1876.

1 Shirt Purchased = 1 Tree Planted in Colorado ~ That's the Spirit.

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You know those incredibly soft shirts found only in places like thrift shops and grandpas dresser, the ones that don't feel like anything in your closet? Yeah, that's what these are. Just to be clear, I'm not talking cashmere.

Short sleeve - Tri Blend

50% Polyester / 25% ring-spun USA cotton / 25% rayon